22e3f3c462521d127a9b552e1389f0d6Hi! My name is Tricia and welcome to my blog.

Welcome to my age of Aquarius.

My age of Aquarius means I am in the season of love for me. My life is my own now to enjoy through laughter, tears, joy, frustration, sadness, and whichever other way I choose to grow.

I love this blog because I get to share myself with those who choose to be part of my experience. I appreciate all those who choose me because that also means I have chosen them as well. We converge to explore and process each other.

I’m a mom and that in itself is a true test to my Aquarius. I adore my family and love how they show me how to love and appreciate me.

I am very curious and am always asking “why”. I am a struggling self proclaimed perfectionist who practices mindfulness and flow. Oxymoron, no? What an experience that can be, and it is! How to be perfect at not being perfect should be the name of this blog.

So there you have it.

Some of me.

Not all, just some.

That would make posting pointless, wouldn’t it?