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This last sheet of paper in my hand holds the weight of its purpose. All the others before it which served to make the specifics known and the path unambiguous are now pointing to this one.

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This space in front of me has authored my emancipation. Freely it has given of itself to pardon my condemned sentencing of a loveless life and a shackled spirit. This paper lays bare all my desires, components of who I want to be.

Effortlessly the journey is mapped out, stretched across the borders of this space yet, boundless with possibilities.

I move forward, signing in agreement, pledging co-creation and, daring to be authentically, unapologetically, me.

“Possibilities Meditation” art by Sue Halstenberg


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I am like the willow tree

Thick rooted and quite a sight to see

Long are my roots thick and sure

Deeply nestled into the earth’s core

My leaves and branches are bountiful

Full of grace

Releasing sweet smells as those curtains lean down

Creating a sacred space

Wispering Willow Tree Boston Public Garden
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I am like the willow tree

Wise in my silence

Long lasting and sure

Guaranteed to always find solace

Peace restored

A constant companion for mother earth am I

Together we stand watch

We laugh

We cry

I am like the willow tree

I am the richness and bounty of nature divine

I am like the willow tree

So tall

So beautiful

So strong

And oh so fine


I dedicate this poem to the love of self. Whatever your eye beholds and finds pleasure, let that be how you feel about yourself.

Let nature be your measure instead of others.


Picture via i no longer want to feed this minimalism my belly is tapped by a worm of futility each time I open my mouth to ingest my knowing of self fear regenerates itself after every swallow