Twittering Tale #41 – 18 July 2017

Photo copied from Kat: “Like Mercury Colliding” blog

Percussion on the shield
Wind crashed drops
Smashing on the high-hat
Slap tap on tires round
Skin on conga
Passing storm
Sheila E.

P.S. – This woman gives me chills!! Props to Tito Puente and Pete Escovedo, always, but Ms. E is a tropical storm unlike any other! I hope you enjoy watching her as much or even more than I do!


14 thoughts on “A STORM OF DRUM BEATS

  1. She is fun! I live by Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest. (Rick Warren) – it’s a huge congregation with the main sanctuary and various tents for different music and worship. if you go in these tents, after worship, you watch Rick on screen. We’ve gone a few times. Once to the Rock-n-roll tent, once to the baptist style tent – and once went into one featuring Shiela E. was performing gospel songs. So amazing to watch.

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    1. She is manna from heaven to me😍 Rick Warren sounds familiar. I’ll look him up. Sometimes I know names, not faces, or faces but not names. Ohhh! He’s The Purpose Driven Life guy. Didn’t know he had a church. Nice. How is it?


      1. Yes, he also headed the debate between Obama and McCain. I could have tried to get tickets for that. It was at the church. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_Forum_on_the_Presidency

        The kid liked the little youth groups when they were little and had the singing time, but now that they are older Jr. High. the program is different and they didn’t like it that much maybe it got too serious or maybe their “teacher” wasn’t organized. It’S Huge TOO big. Sometimes you have to park far and ride a tram in. It’s fun, but for the church family belonging, you need to have friends that already go and plan to meet them there so you can see familiar faces. Because the people you met the last time, you’ll never see again. Too many services. Saturday (2 services), and Sunday (3 service) to accommodate the masses and everyone’s schedules. But, he’s a great speaker. You can watch services online.

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        1. Ok, think I will. I haven’t done the church thing in years. My journey has been long, and I do have fond memories of my beginnings with the church. I do visit virtually from time to time. There are moments when ‘old school’ is the best school no matter how much you have grown into something new. My dad used to go to Joel Olsteen but stopped because of the mega-ness of it. He says he’s getting too old to get up that early to walk that far.😂 So he stays home and catches it on T.V. and has breakfast with Jesus every morning before work.

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