I am pampered. I soothe and salve myself on a daily basis. My mornings are busy with a sole intent, “You betta start this day right, bitch!”  Yeah, feeling a bit feisty today. Usually, it goes a little bit more of the “Let’s have a really good day today. Not just one moment, but a drumline succession of happy moments. You deserve that” type of verbiage. Smiles on all (pointing around the room) y’all faces from that one, right? Yeah, I know, me too.

So every morning, most mornings, no matter how late I have gone to bed, (I am usually up late cause once the sun and the moon have gone to bed, HOLY SANCTUARY! The skies have cleared, and the seas have parted – it’s uber relaxation time for mommy! I digress. I shall continue) I make it a goal to wake up as early as possible before anyone to have my morning meditation.

Early mornings, incense and coffee (on a warmer- such an important part of this scenario).

I live in the city fifteen stories above ground. You would think that most of the noise gets muffled on the way up. Not in this place. The sound carries like a cat in heat. By the way, you can literally hear a stray cat in heat or in a fight with something from up here. You can even hear an argument or peaceably heated exchange between two individuals at 2 am as well. From down the block. Please note the sarcasm.

Anyway, back to meditation.

So when I say I make it my business to get up early before everyone else does, I mean everybody, as in everybody in the neigh-bor-hood. This highrise was not built by Bose. Between the hours of 3 pm and 3 am are the most rambunctious during the spring/summer months. During winter, it’s much quieter outdoors, but a bit more stir crazy indoors (don’t ask).

Since this is summer, between 3 and 7 in the morning, life around here, from my 15th floor pov, is delicious. You can hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustling from a slight breeze, the air is cool, and the view is to exhale for.

Photo by Me


We have a room facing East and two rooms facing West. Best of both celestial worlds.

I get up, do bathroom business, then get that cup of liquid matrix. Making the coffee is a delicate process. I have to make sure I am in high spirits before making the coffee otherwise it is an awful crap shoot hand when I am in the lab mixing my brew.

Once the caffeinated alchemistic process has been completed, I skip (the smell alone, guys) to my ‘vibration vortex’ and get lit. I’m talking incense, lots of it. Ever since we(my GodMother and I) bought this variety box, it’s been like a Snoop Dog cloud of smoky goodness up in heyah! 20170717_065725 As you can see, I light up three (magic alchemy number- yes, I love that word especially when talking about my ‘witchery-do’ type stuff) for potency. We used to burn sage, palo santo and aromatic oils on the regular but now, it’s the Year Of The Incense.  Every day has a different feel so the three which are chosen change.

I then sit, plug in and turn on the coffee warmer. Let me take a few to explain the importance of this warmer. Or do I? Am I preaching to the choir or do we have some wayward souls in the church in need of a little truth from The Bible of drinking coffee?

Let me take a few to explain the importance of this warmer. Or do I? Am I preaching to the choir or do we have some wayward souls in the church in need of a little truth from The Bible of drinking coffee?

I don’t like to be preachy, so I’ll pass. Hahaha.

So the coffee is on its throne,

Yes, I drink hot coffee through a straw. Doesn’t everybody? 😇😂

incense is making the air just right, and the morning quiet is doing what it do.  I am in my space, and I feel around for what I would like to do. I have several tools. Depending on the vibe of the morning, the coffee concoction, either I will choose to read or write while listening to music or not.

This is quite an elaborate process for such a simple set up. I love that there is such a careful and lengthy process in place for moments which may have the duration of hours or just a few minutes. I love it because once I am in it, the energy is saturated with loving care and well-being. It has taken me some growth to get it to level it is at this time, and I am excited for its continued journey of evolution. Will the components stay, change or multiply? Which desires will I grow into to facilitate the eventual transformation of this process?

I do have two desires to manifest resting in my thoughts already. One, swap out this apartment for a house with the most fantastic kitchen and back yard ever! And two, locate kids somewhere far away in their own rooms. Let them take forever to find me in the mornings. Please!

How about that for a near perfect script for my early mornings, incense and coffee?

You understand, right? I know you do!





  1. Yes! I get it. You may have heard the saying: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sounds like your early up gives you the peace and serenity you need. I must admit hearing chirping birds in the city 15 floors up is messing with my imagination, but if you hear them, then they may be just the am starter you need. A true blessing of “Bose-like” audio. Enjoy!!!

    One day in the very near future, I wish you do get that house you’d love to own with the backyard, and the bedrooms/bathrooms for all. If at all possible, maybe your future house could be far enough away or roomy in between your future neighbors, that way you can experience the type of energy and vibratory mix you prefer.

    Possible ah yes!!!

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