my moon is in my sun

my sun is in my moon

seemingly so many lifetimes ago the extraction of one

ushered in the blessing of  two

love held strong onto my heart

increasing it by tenfold

she came to be my sight

and he my highest love

how clear I am now able to see

the many forgotten parts of me

to embrace, accept, and love equally

we are one

my sun and my moon

each light shining so bright

warm to touch

my god lovingly heard my plight

I know this now

the answers he gave

have been so beautifully named

Rynah and Mikal

they have come to this earth to be

something most dear to me

the best reflection

staring back I see

my mirrors of



This was an old expression which I have tailored to fit my more refined self. These words reflect growth and ascension. I kept the dated picture cause nowadays its a bit of a challenge to get these two wrangled together for a photo (Mikal is now 6 and Rynah 10). My daughter, Rynah (on the right) does not like to take pics or be hugged by her brother anymore (go figure) 😌

via Daily Prompt: Tailor 


10 thoughts on “ME

  1. They are very cute. I’m glad you kept this one for yourself, to show us, and one day to show them. I can imagine your face gathering in a smile as you look at this picture. It’s such a precious time, and one that’s all too fleeting. Thankfully, parents can capture and keep these memories for later reflection. Hopefully, parents do!

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