*Formally known as “Untitled”

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i run so hard and so fast
my feet work to bury that which is wanted
my dark mind places fear in front of me
as the dangling carrot for me to eat
fueling me on to trample and crush
pushing all wishes and dreams down into the earth’s core
as to send it back to its unevolved form
my knowing sees it all and smiles with love
as she watches she prepares for the harvest to come
she has already tasted the sweetness of its nourishment and vitality
as i run and i run
my (third) eye has cataracted from the vision painted by opaque thoughts and fearful whisperings
i do not see nor feel what is beneath my feet
plush plump and mineral soaked moist earth is tilled with every step
as I run and I run wanting to bury and seal that which I distance from
my spirit has placed me on a fertile ground on which to do the work towards abundance and joy
through the milky veil of my fear i see not how beautiful this darkness is
the seeds of what i desire to be are buried deep down passing through my soul into the soil beneath my feet
i am farming my land
harvest will arrive soon with clarity’s sun and rain
as i continue to run i will no longer feel dirt but the growth which has surrounded me stretching to the sky shielding me on all sides making a pathway for me to walk
and no longer run

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Inspired via Daily Prompt: Bury



  1. Wow. Just wow! I can’t even think of a word to describe how fantastic of a metaphor this is!!! and then at the end, “making a pathway for me to walk/and no longer run” I felt this sense of relief. Yes, with patience and perseverance we can all ‘get there.” Well done!

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        1. Nonsense! Children are bad influences with each other without us adults. lol. And as for Becky, you could be Dirty Becky, Sassy Becky, Naughty Becky…shall I go on? Ha! Ha! Anywho, I’m going to wait for more names to see if my kid can be worth 6 cows instead of 1

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  2.     I’m trying to look beneath the surface. I see a running figure.
        To bury the scary-“that which is wanted”, the dark mind offers fear as a challenge to crush a dangerous need that seems to need to go deep into a core kernel to learn to grow the sprouts of knowledge still rooted in Winter-fears waiting for the Spring
        Vision that would be an xray into the ground is clouded when it is thought the roots would be too tangled and complex to look at, though they only search for water and are grateful for the sugar that comes from the leaves of the runner above.
        I like “harvest will arrive soon with clarity’s sun and rain”

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