Hey, Fam!

I gave birth to a bastard poem!

I have no clue what to name this child.

Would you mind helping me out?  In the comment section, let me know what you feel I should name it.



14 thoughts on “DEAR READER: THE NAME GAME

  1. Harvest or Reap something along the farming side of things. You’re pushing everything into the ground and then later slowing down to watch it grow…Till the soil?

    Or you can stick with the repeat of running – something like “out of breath” or “out of air” – side ache (haha) Shin splints (haha)

    Or it seems like you are scared or worried – so FEAR? or like Tom Petty said “He’s running down a dream” Surge?

    Wow, it’s late – maybe that’s why I’m not being that creative. Good luck!

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