Dear Fidgety-Diggity Heart

DEAR READER: What a day July 12, 2017 has been for me!!!
I am experiencing THE best interactions with THE most fantastic beings, writing THE most beautiful posts!
And here is another…


Dear heart,

Skipping a beatevery timethe fear of unknown surrounds, hurting deep when the mind plays games…..this is a letter to you.

Let me remind you, you irksomelittle idiot, she has promises to keep. Who is ‘she’ you ask? ‘She’ is the girl you reside in, whose bosom held you snug in the direst moments. She is your silent companion in the moments of calmbeforethe storm. You’ve got to sail, sail through storms ofuncertainty, sail through whirlwinds of wobbly emotions, sail through those 3 am bouts of sheer perplex.

Please don’t, just don’t get frenzied .You’ve got to keep the girl sane.

Promises wouldn’t have meant a thing , had she made them to others. She made them to herself, she set the bars high. And now, when the clouds of doubt threaten to ruin her bright summer dreams, you’ve got to sail her through the inner turmoil into…

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