Life is good.

I want more, though (I’m working on it…)

Have you ever felt stagnant because your current now is filled with appreciations and very few complaints? This is where I am. I’ve been trying to have conversations with my inner being to find out “what now,” or as the title of my blog says, “Now What?”, and…

I come up with nada.

How is that possible when everything is gravy and a desire for more sounds quite enticing? Do I want more? Hells, yeah!! I want plenty more. So, why is it I am unable to work this imagination like a high-class hoe? I’ve offered her continuous work, but she doesn’t want to work for me.

Go figure.

I feel as though my body has been operating under the constitution of my brain with little to no amendments from the heart, from my spirit. Practicality keeps doing The James Brown on my desires; “Say it loud, I’m practical and proud”!

Oh, brother (cue eye-roll).

Not sure when salvation will kick in.  Until then, I wait.  Patience seems to be a happy hooker for me – I’ll have to give her a raise.





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