How easily you flow through me

You lay full and spread out over my tongue

Slipping out with each breath

I feel you filled up in my heart

You nestle there

Stored up from respite now ready to dispense

One by one they come to receive you

Knowing sensing your presence within me

Sensing your presence within me

I welcome all as I surrender to you

We love our shared space

You and I

Together we heal that which is fractured

This is our life’s work

This time

I wonder what more you have planned

The joy of it I already know

The now of it echoes what it already has become

I feel special with you because of how we joined to be


Yes I am free

When you flow through me

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This poem is my expression of appreciation for the piece of The Universal Power which resides within me as my soul, my spirit.

The healing and enlightenment which it brings to my humanness, as well as others, is what I know I am here for.

Some work their magic through their art, craft, leadership, beauty, just to name a few. I allow mine to flow through me and just be.

I don’t feel it taking on any particular shape or form, believe me, I’ve tried to squeeze it in! The more I tried, the more I became aware of how vast and varied it is, so much so that one space is unable to contain it.

I call it ‘Flow’ because, like the movement of air and water, it takes the formation of its experience as it travels through and around it.

I’m still in the process of learning it, how to navigate its tides, knowing how and when to rest and replenish. It gives me great peace to know this is what I am made of.

I look back at my trail and see all things which led to this and awaken to the sight of the most beautiful tapestry.


6 thoughts on “FLOW

  1. Yes yes yes! Can’t you just remember it forming from way back? You may not have known exactly what it was, but because you were preordained to be open and willing, you stayed present to it; or at least without asking too loud or too often: “What Is This?” kept it coming, and moving, and and and…bing bang boom, but in a good way.

    We are spirits residing here in human form. We have the power to ebb and flow. Our essence is like a mist, but charged, and electric. We have so much power to be as we were meant to be it’s almost too exciting to fully accept. But when we do…Wow…more bing, bang, boom.

    We even have so much we can share it with others, as we know we can generate more and more and more!!!

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