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Whodini said it best, “Friends. How many of us have them? Friends. The ones you can depend on?”

I’m sorry. Do you all know about the group Whodini? Well, if you don’t, you just got a taste!

(If you haven’t noticed, I’m a fan)

Yes, this post is about my friends. My tribe.

So far it’s just us three. Perhaps I should take out ‘just.’ To use it feels as though there is some lack, something missing.

No way!

I am thrilled there’s only three of us. We are such a concentrated form of love and appreciation. For me, this has been a long time coming and yet, right on time. I appreciate this experience more now that I have an abundance of self-love and self-admiration.

Those two are reflections of my best parts, my past parts, and my present parts. They show me all aspects of my being human, and I love it!

I feel as though I am in a novel or rom-com where there is this tight-knit group of friends getting into and then stumbling out of trouble. We laugh, cry, philosophize, and shoot the shit (quite often).

Growing up, I had no female friends. I barely had any truthfully. There was one with whom, now in retrospect, I was ‘arranged’ to be friends. Yes, arranged. I believe it was more of a dream of her mother’s than an organic pairing. We genuinely enjoyed each other’s company, we were besties for years, but there wasn’t that connection. She has what I have now, with someone she met in high school. I never felt bonded with her.

She served a purpose for me. Her family, her way of being, both were all aspects of life which I wanted for myself. I used to gravitate towards that which I felt I lacked and she was a part of that. Our relationship did what it should have done years ago, which is dissolve naturally. I still love her, will always love her cause she’s a most wonderful and supportive being and my experience with her produced very fond memories. I smile when I think of her.

Fast forward to this tribe of mine!

I feel an excitement and a ‘what next-ness’ every time I interact with them. We talk several times a day with the help of technology (Marco Polo app) which keeps it light and fun and silly.

I love these women because I love me. They are a reflection of my now and my next wonderous now, and the next. Great adventures are ahead. I can feel it, see it, touch it, and taste it.

I love my tribe. Will it grow? Truthfully, I’m not quite sure. I am open to it, of course, but if it doesn’t, I am more than OK with it. We all have been growing and expanding in such a way that we have evolved into several different personalities which give the perception of there being more of us.

I once didn’t favor female relationships. I had too many insecurities to stand firm in the vortex of confident women with whom I surrounded myself with at times. I was in awe of what they presented to the world not believing that I was capable of being that in the smallest of measure.

Now my reality is a changed story.

I am a confident, intuitive woman who shares space with two other confident, intuitive women. We three are like Whodini, rock’n and jam’n our stage. Moving and groov’n the masses while they dig our crazy beat.

“Friends. How many of us have them…”

Oh God, now THAT’S what’s up!!



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