When Love and Hate Collide by Marion Herrmann



I woke today to an uninvited guest
He didn’t care about me wanting to walk around in my PJs and rest.
I scowled and grumbled
He laughed with glee
Why in the hell is he bothering me
Today is my no bullshit day 
Wanting a day of rest
At least I try to make it so which is hard with two young pests

Children I mean

This guest cares not for my zombie shuffle to the kitchen for coffee
Or my even slower walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth
I don’t want to talk
I just want to eat
I don’t want joyful salutations or talks of love and happiness
Although it’s not Christmas
I say “Bah Humbug!” to all that mess
I woke up today wanting peace and no thought at all
But instead I got this uninvited guest who didn’t premeditate a call

If he did, he would only hear the silence of a disconnected line

If he had texted me, I would have deleted his request with one tap
But no, he made sure he snuck his way in, that insufferable sap
He knew he had to be stealth, cause he knew what was up
Well aware he had to be more careful because I had not my first cup

Of coffee (I’m sure you can relate)

Knowing I would fuss and cuss and yell to get out
He was prepared for my rant to end in a pout
Who is this uninvited guest you want to know
Who could this possibly be to cause such a disruption so?
You all know him cause you welcome him into your lives
This uninvited bastard is that annoying little fuck
             St. Valentine!

So you all go and enjoy your stupid dumb-ass holiday

It’s obvious I say this not with any care

I shall turn off my phone and not watch tv

Cause this shit will be everywhere!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Oh, pay no attention to that grumpy heifer next door

She’s always going on about something which makes her sore
I think Valentine’s Day as a holiday is divine
What a way to spend a day celebrating



And expectantly


I live for all three by the way
I try to make sure I get turned up with at least one every day


Valentine’s Day  sure feels good

Just the thought makes me clap with glee

No matter if you’re a pair
Or a single with hopes of your admirer becoming aware

Just love the feeling of love to the nth degree

Although I may not be celebrating romantic love today
I am surrounded by and receiving love from friends and family in the most pleasurable way
I will wait with patience for cupid to strike
Romantic love with my future man I’ll keep in sight

So I say, “Love on!” to all you lovers of Valentine
Please have fun and make sure you kiss a lot
I’m on my way to grumpy neighbor to give her some good cheer

Say a prayer for me I don’t end up getting shot

Seriously, she’s mean
Should I travel with my own glock?

In the spirit of love
I will take my phone and put emergency services’ number on lock




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