This world is going through a birthing process.

For a very long time, we have stored up its ills, and now it is time to push.

Right now, Braxton Hicks are kicking our ass.

Every woman who has been able to incubate life within her can tell you about these ‘false’ contractions. They are sharp, at times unexpected, and downright painful, as painful as labor.

Yes, I am comparing this social unrest to childbirth. The most beautiful and amazing process of life is the most painful to complete.

We are looking at the ugliness of our upcoming expansion.

With every new life, this universe expands, and the events of this century are ushering in yet another.

Our humanness has caused us to attack and feed off of ourselves. 

Pregnancy is about this same type of attack. A pregnant woman also suffers the betrayal of the body, of self,  to provide the best and most protective environment for the fetus.

We are left exposed to many ailments as we purify our bodies for the new life, for the pureness and uncontaminated essence which we are upon entering this world. 

We go through nausea, vomiting, constipation, fevers, cramps, bleeding, viral colds, venereal disease, and the list can go on depending on the health of the woman. These expulsions, purges, happen to purify the host of foreign substances so the environment, for life within, will be of optimal health and strength. This is an essential purpose and process.

No different is this birthing process of the world and its human inhabitants. 

Since its existence, it has been fertile and has been re-birthing itself to accommodate us. The era we are in now is no different.

Although there is much ado about the great apocalypse, as a believer, I do not worry about my fate. I have the understanding and awareness of what has transpired since man’s residence on this planet. Yes, we have made a mess of it during the last three centuries with the start of the industrialization and technological advances. Even before that, just our being here and growing in population implemented the need for regeneration.

As one who has gone through several rebirthing processes, I am welcoming of what is happening. I have learned to embrace change withing myself and others. I view this world no different; it is a living and breathing being in need of revitalization. 

I feel myself to be a midwife assisting. 

Through each person I help to facilitate alignment with their inner self, higher self, God, Source, no matter how it is defined, brings ease to this birthing process. I say this because I believe the lack of attention and concern for this planet, has stemmed from our lack of attention and concern for ourselves, our connection to who we really are. We have evolved ourselves away from the knowing of us being as one with this earth.

Our human history is filled with separatism. So much so that we resist the awakening to our belonging, our unification with all that is. For many, connection and/or belonging triggers feelings of loss of control of self, being invisible, or not being unique.

Once it becomes clear as to the value and strength of the whole, then, I believe, the joy of being one with that, being a part of that, will transform the perception of the purpose of life on this planet.

‘Mud Maid’- Heligan Woodlands Cornwall, UK

Feature Image:25b2758400ec2bc66798beb238a110fb ‘Mother Nature’ by SayaKodachi



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