“What’s up G?!”

“Umm…by ‘G’ is it, God, you mean?”


“So what’s up G?

What’s up between you and me?”

“What is it, T? What is it you wish to see?”

“I wish to see what is next for me.

So far, everything has been blowing my mind, and now I want to know if there is more of that kind?”

“Ahh, I see. You want more of that which you desire!

Why come asking me? I’ve long since been retired.”

Retired“?! What do you mean by that?

You do no such thing!

At least that is what we were told and hold dear.

You stay at our beg and plea, you are always lending an ear.

‘Retired’? I seriously doubt that!

I’ve always imagined you not participating because you are busy taking a nap.”

“HAHAHA! That’s actually pretty good!”

” ‘Taking a nap’!”

“Is it ok if I use that?”

“Sure. Go right ahead. Can we now please get back to what it is I inquire?”

“Ok, ok. No need for this conversation to become dire.

The truth is, you’ve been doing an awesome job by yourself,

So I said, “Self, time to retire”.

Retire from you because you have all that you need.

We have been a team for a long time now, working together, planting every seed.

I have watched you blossom, I have watched you bloom.

Through your faith and trust,

You have gained much strength in this beautiful being called you.

No need for me to intervene.

So I took my ‘exit’, I left the scene.

All the mind blowing you’ve been experiencing, has all been coming straight through you!”

“Yes, I understand and deep down I know what you say is true.

I come to you now because I feel as though I know not what to do.

A change is near and I am so excited.

Yet at the same time, I have no sight which has me paused.

This has me worried and I know not the cause.

To think of this change brings me great joy and elation.

I am most challenged because it feels to be all in my imagination.

“Oh! My love! What a great place for it to be!

Do you not know that is where and how all great things are now in front of you to see?

Imagine and feel how good it warms your heart.

That is where all the wonders of this life get their explosive start.

Continue with your heart, your spirit, in front as your guide.

That is how I forever continue to be by your side.

Although we don’t talk with each step you take,

Having faith and love in who you are,

Is all the greatness you need to see.

That is your North Star. It will guide you home.

It will guide you home

And never will you feel lost or feel all alone.”

“Thanks, G!

I truly enjoy these conversations between you and me.”

02630E3F8F79D4E51E1861 (1)
Google Image: Artist Unknown

Feature Image imsipeoplewalking2 Google Image Artist Unknown


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