DEAR READER: The Number 9

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I’m not going to bore you all with details of why I haven’t written.

Who cares.

I’m here now.

My time away involved quite a few “Oh God, now what?!” moments which I haven’t been motivated to write about. I’ve been too busy processing.

That’s life.

Taking the time to learn and expand as a result of our experiences is part of our purpose.

I had to explain to my five-year-old about perfection the other day. He is saturated with Capricorn energy, both Sun, and Moon, and if you are a believer of astrology and know anything about this particular gradient of character, then you are shaking your head right now.

I appreciate your sympathy.

He has this drive for getting everything right on the first try, to never get anything wrong, and to always reflect perfection.

[He is his mother’s son]

I had to explain to him (which is really myself because life constantly shows me how much my two darlings are me reflected as I once was) that perfection does not exist because change is constant.

Change is always shifting points of view and states of being. Even material objects are not to be perceived as perfect because they too experience change through usage and/or stagnation.

Once he heard that, he felt more at ease about his penmanship.

The number 9 was fucking with him.

This type of experience confirms my decision to homeschool. My children have chosen to be highly emotional beings during these early years and need full-time support and guidance.

If I were to put them in structured schooling, I would have to stipulate an adjoining office to the principal or guidance counselor, because the trips to school would be frequent.  

Both my offspring, have a fear of not doing things ‘right’.

I take full responsibility for that. 

There are times when I am a drill sergeant about certain things. In experiencing their distress, I am learning to be more flexible and give fewer fucks about how stuff gets done. 

Parenting has gotten a lot easier since I made that executive decision.

Go me! Go me! Go me!



7 thoughts on “DEAR READER: The Number 9

  1. Power to the Mama! I get homeschooling. I am blessed to spend part of my year community judging speech and debate contests for The National Christian Forensics Association. These kids are wonderful examples of what having caring parent(s) near by helping them become well informed, sublimely educated, God-fearing individuals looks like close up. They strive to be their highest and best, which is shown in their accomplished speech and debate presentations. I remember having my beloved foster mother in my ear. I went to public school, but Helen Ruth Barbour was my real teacher. Power to the Mama!

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    1. Yes! Power to the Mama! I chose to give my children, as well as myself, the opportunity to build a fortified foundation of self. That was my only reason. That choice was made before my first born was conceived. I knew what I wanted to experience for my own growth so when I became pregnant, there was no wonder that this choice will extend to her.

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  2. Everything in this world can be represented and understood through numbers, especially if you are able to see the patterns made by these numbers. I actually like the number 9, it is one of my favorite numbers, especially since I learned that multiplication trick to deal with this number.

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