1_4_sm_bbw_artShe came here tonight to be a woman.

To have every curve of her plump body touched and stroked on fire.

Gone are the moments of damnation dripping from her lips to ridicule her beautiful temple, this vessel which now burns to be inflamed even more.

How did she go so long without singing its praises?

Hallelujah! for her soft flesh draped over strong muscle to lift and move him about as they shape shift into different positions.

Hallelujah! for the hills and valleys lined down her back as grip handles for his large hands to hold on to when he rocks her back and forth with the force of his appreciating thrusts.

Hallelujah! for her thick thighs as she holds him in a vice grip adding friction and pulse to her ride.

Hallelujah! for the most round and succulent part behind her, second to her hot honey pot of ecstasy. The fullest moon, a sight to behold and glorified when bouncing at will.

Hallelujah! for her two soft populous mounds from which to suckle and feast from. To gorge on these fruits makes for a well of juices from her center.

Hallelujah! for the raised softness of her abdomen where he presses his strong rough hands while they both lay on their sides as lazy loving takes over in the morning.

Hallelujah! for the pot of honey nestled in between those thunderous thighs! Survey says she’s indescribable with the description of language (verbal, that is, as pantomime has been known to convey the message). The soft mound which covers her button is a great resting place for his palm as he penetrates from behind.

Such pleasures and heat this soft body can give and what rough gritty hard pounding lustful passion it can take making the pain insatiable and sweet.


She is here to experience this man as he experiences ALL her woman.

Art by David James



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