I see your broad shoulders stiff at attention,
Your chest bold and massed.

I see you standing tall, braced to protect, arms tectured with muscle, fortified to hold off any enemy great or small.

I see your hands tight with provision, hunting the earth.
Legs strong and firm, trunks planted to your element, your growth innate.

I see you for all you are and all which you will to be.

But just as I see you, why is it you don’t see me?

Through every muscle, every vein, every breath, I am there.

I am the substance, the sustance, which feeds and nurtures you.
Yet you reject me.

You ignore me.
You violate me.
You distance me.

Whilst I embrace you, love you, with all my being and enfold you into my soul,

You deny me.

You deny my presence within you, you scrub and scratch drawing blood, wanting me to drain out, bleed out.

Do you not realize that very action will cause you to no longer exhist?
Do you not know that to exercise me from your being will leave you void of life?

Yes, you do know.

That is what frightens you so.
You fight to live by willfully standing alone, not realizing you are fighting to die.

Death is your life when you tell me I cannot know you.
Death is your life when you deny that part of you which is me.

I am not here to consume you.
I am not here to observe you.

I am here to be part of you.

I do not stand before you raving about how you do not and cannot know me.
To do that is to have no knowledge of self.

You are in me.
You are of me.

And everytime I hold you inside of me, the you as your phalis, then you as your seed, then you as your flesh, all that which you are, stays with me.

Birth after birth after birth, our alchemy produces a blend so potent, Its individual parts are barely distinguishable.

Man, I am Woman.
We come together to create.

Masculine, I am Feminine.
You are in me and I am in you.

Our flesh is separate and our view varied.
But make no mistake,
As you stand there strong within your flesh being,  no matter how quiet or loud I may be,
I too am here standing strong.

I am your nurture
I am your compassion.
I am your temperance.

So do not look at my breasts and my bleeding womb and tell me I do not know you.

Remember where you were nurtured.

Remember the two energies which created your one.

Without you, there is no me.
Without me, there is no you.

I see you
I know you.
I accept you.
I love you.


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