As I lay here warm and soft,
I gently wrap my arms around you as though you are a long lost
I tell you how much I love you.
I tell you how much I care.
I say thank you so very much
For the most exciting time shared.
I speak of all my appreciations,
My gratitude unmeasured.
My love for everything you,
Has created multiple experiences I have treasured.
As I lay here, warm and at peace,
I close my eyes and wait for my waking moments to cease.
This life has been really good,
Even through ebb and flow.
My fierceness and feistiness causing most to come and others to go.
With every choice
And with every gain,
I made sure I told you I love you again and again.
Good-bye dear one, and as I let go,
I feel a new adventure has already begun.
Tricia, you have been quite a force,
A force of love and pure divine light.
Here is one last hug for you,
And one for me too.
Let us hold on
And walk towards The Light.
This last hug is for me. Although there are many whom I have known and yet to know who are worthy of such a moment, I give it to myself as without my self love and attention, I would not have been able to give out the love which I received in return.


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