This life, this space, is what it is.

Break it down, peel it away, and it just is.

All the suffering, all the fighting, all the fucked-up shit, is just a bunch of humans emoting.

Humans emoting and not being able to explain with clarity, a feeling of loss or a sense of misalignment, because self reflection is not present.



Taking the time to sort things out before they escalate into action has now become a lesson to learn as opposed to a natural semi-involuntary action like peeing or moving your bowels.

These physical actions take some thought and patience at times. We all have that library in our bathrooms for that exact reason. So why aren’t we applying that to our emotions, our feelings?

Why do they only have to be reactionary?

Emotions do signal what has already transpired as well as what may follow if we don’t take heed. But the taking heed part always seems to happen after the reaction takes place.

No, people!

You are missing a step. The meditative part.

The part where you take a few to be kind to yourself and acknowledge how you are in that very moment and sooth yourself down until you can unify your instinct with your perceptive process.

Listen, we all do it. We all miss that step every now and again. I’ve done it. We miss it because we’re just so dramatic and into our physical sensory selves in that moment.

“Oh! This hurts!”  “I’m in so much pain” “What the fuck?! I’m going to kill him!” “Why is this happening to me?!”

For many of us, practiced we are not.

Why? Because we are not guided towards it when we are children. Those moments when our natural abilities are heightened and powerful. Instead, we are taught to either suppress or to react without delay.

So here we are, in this beautiful world filled with reactionary human beings.

Although chaotic and quite depressing at times, it is still quite exciting. Life is meant to be what it is, otherwise, we wouldn’t be who we are. You and me wouldn’t be the beings we are without all this mish-mosh of shit happening.

My words do not intend to suggest the impossibility of change. Evolution of this planet is evidence of that. What I am sharing is that with your personal change, so will the world change. We are all in control of where this life takes us next.

So try not to take things so seriously.


Intend to practice patience and ‘the pause’, as I call it.

Even when things present themselves as pressing, take your time, as quick as a fiver, to breathe deep and move slow.

It’s a bitch to do at first, trust me, I know. I’ve gotten better, and I still have my moments of back-sliding (can I get an “Amen”?! back-sliding is church vernacular for those unfamiliar. lol).

And the beauty of it all is that you can have as many do-overs as you need to develop it into a natural state of being.

Ok, folks.

This has been my PSA for the day.

Have a good one!



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