Ok, so me and my family caught some virus. Nothing serious, just a regular cold thing. Like in all families, all it takes is one person to have something, then everyone ends up taking turns.

Shit!  I know,right?

So we’ve got this thing, this ‘cold’ and we are miserable.


Can we all agree that fighting cold symptoms during summer is a bitch, right? You’re hot and sweaty and full of mucus. That sounds like some pre-penicillin disaster waiting to jump off.


We are not automatic pharmaceutical takers. Don’t enjoy spending extra money buying organic foods to then turn around and pump our veins with chemicals. We have a choice and we choose to be homeopaths.

Now, being a homeopath has its rewards as well as its fuck me moments.

This experience was definitely a fuck me moment.

Every homeopathic remedy we know of did not provide the relief we needed. I mean, these symptoms were kicking ass!!

Oh, God!!! Why!!!???

I’m sitting up in bed sleeping because it hurt my head too much to lay down and sleep. I couldn’t breathe for shit! Me and The Universe was duking it out! I sent a stream of cuss words and what-I’m-going-to-do-to-yous (yes, insanity). I mean, what’s the point of using the remedies of the earth if it’s not doing shit?  This stuff is supposed to be good for you with no chemical side effects. We are of the earth and all that jazz, right?

I was starting to doubt my beliefs. I was starting to get real twitchy for some mad scientist concoctions. I needed to get this foreign substance out of my body, fast!

Five days went by, six days went by, seven days went by. I recall reading somewhere that the average cold virus takes up residence between seven and fourteen days. By day seven, it still felt as though it was day one. I fervently searched online for other home remedies besides what I was already using to end this torture.

I. Found. Nothing !

I was really close to seriously considering going deep into the jungles of South America and finding me a Shaman.

I love the idea and practice of homeopathic medicine, but god damn it, this shit takes FOREVER to work!

Yes, intellectually I comprehend that the process of nature is slow and on its own time schedule. Beautiful. But when you are in great discomfort, there’s nothing like that quick hit of morphine in the vein (metaphorically, of course, well if you are hospitalize then…)

After some days, I gave in to doping my kids up with some store bought legalized alcohol and opium mix for children. I always keep a stash of Triaminic and children’s Advil handy. As every parent will tell you, no, warn you, when your kids are sick, the best thing for you is to have them knocked out.

My kids are super annoying when their sick so I do everything that I can to prevent experiencing hell as close to never as I can get. I feed them well and keep them as healthy as I can. So this whole parenting thing for me is purely selfish.

I don’t like taking care of sick people! Especially when it can be prevented.

Does that make me a undesirable person?


Just someone who should not be employed at a hospital, hospice, or senior care facility.

To make an annoyingly long story short, I stuck to my homemade granola(homeopathic) administration for myself and I am happy to say, nature eventually won. Of course, this wasn’t a victory as how we know victories to be because whatever that shit was, it fought hard. Nonetheless, it did what it was supposed to do and got the hell out of dodge.

I feel our bodies to be organically super powered badass creations, which, I don’t believe, we care for properly. For the sake of comfort, we force our bodies to heal prematurely in comparison with how it would on its own, which has evolved into this weakened state of being. Resistance and stamina states of being have become harder to achieve.

At least that’s my opinion.

Based on what I shared earlier, I take full responsibility for participating in that. For myself, I don’t give in so easily, but my children I relent a bit. That choice does not support my theory, but my children are small and I can be a big ball of mush when it comes to them.

Well, I’m obviously all better now.

Will I continue to live the loca granola life? Yeah. I will. I’m always on the hunt for new ways of substituting chemically crafted digestible goods for more organic ones.

I’ve also stretched the crazy into my household products as well. Not sure how well that’s going as of yet, but I know I have changed my mental to believe that these products are for my personal best.

Oh, and yeah, the environment as well.





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