I am blogging because I’ve got too many thoughts going at once and not enough ears wanting to listen.

I think a lot. Always thinking about lots of things.

Could be because I believe in Astrology an according to my birth date and time, I am a Libra which is believed to be an air sign.

Air signs do a lot of mental gymnastics and I sure have won my gold metal several years in a row.

Forever curious and eternally asking “why?” is my m.o.

I gravitate towards the accumulation of information, as it helps me to get to know me through how I process and perceive information. Questioning life as I see it keeps my brain sharp and keeps me on a eternal quest for more.

Then there’s the other side of all this marvelous brainpower and that is the dark side.

I can abracadabra myself into a depression quick, fast, and in a hurry. That’s how fast my thoughts take over if I’m not emotionally in check.

So here at Oh, Shit! Now What?!!, the context is pretty clear. My life causes me to constantly have potty mouth.

Don’t let me confuse the situation, I love every minute of it, even the moments which cause me to act out my best toddler tantrums. Yet my response is still the same…


Sometimes it’s about good stuff, sometimes the not so good stuff. All the same, I am a happy camper. The Universe loves me and sometimes they love to be entertained by me.

I know there are a lot of folks sharing their perspectives about life and yes, I have joined the masses. My blessing is that I’m the heifer who always manages to stray from the herd. I like to do my own thing. Sometimes I’ll give Cesar his due, but for the most part, this chick is a sore thumb sticker outer.

So this is the telling of my life through my brain and fingers on my keyboard.

Stay, go, comment, don’t comment, follow, don’t follow, I really have no answers for you about you. My blog isn’t the other side of the rainbow and I am not The Great and Powerful Oz .

So do what you feel.

It’d be nice for you to hang and have a great read.

If you want, we can have a nice chat when your done!




  1. I enjoyed reading your post and I can relate to everything you said. I am also a Libra (though I’m not really into Astrology) and I think a lot about everything. I blog for the same reason as you 🙂 Have a great day!



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