I saw the title of an article which referred to past lives.

Got me to thinking. Asking questions, actually, as I always do.

Yes, I am a believer of past lives…somewhat.

I say ‘somewhat’ because I don’t visualize  them as past lives as it is commonly defined. Time, I believe, is not segmented but a continuous stream. So every aspect of every moment is happening at the same time.

For example, when I saw the article, several things are happening. I stop what I am doing (cleaning) and sit to read the article, and I stop what I am doing and stand to read the article, and I come to WordPress to post about it, and I file it away for later to write about it on WordPress and some place else, etc.

Many different versions of me are experiencing everything at the same time making different choices at the speed of thought.

Past lives to me are my current lives being played out in different dimensions. This Space is too vast to only house one dimension and one stream of events.

Way too vast.

I don’t need some scientist to give me that awareness. It is something I believe we all can feel because we are all part of it, we are it.

So, my next thought/question is, why would anyone want to believe there is just this one lifetime?

That would suck if this was it. I mean, really? This…is it?

Nope. Not for me.

This life feels so unfinished for me even as I am experiencing it. I know for sure that more is to be experienced. I feel it. Nothing is satisfactory to me or fulfilling.


Yeah, I love believing I have lived so many other lifetimes. It would sure explain a lot of what’s been happening in this one including why I am the way that I am.

And I do need a lot of “‘splaining”!




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